A: Good morning sir. Where are you flying to today?

B: New York.

A: Can I see your tickets and passports, please

B: Sure, here they are

A: How many bags are you checking in?

B: No, I have just this carry-on

A: Ok, and would you prefer an aisle seat or a window seat?

B: A window seat, please.

A: Alright, here’s your boarding pass and passport.

You flight boards at gate number Ten.

B: Thank you very much.

A: You’re welcome. Enjoy your flight.

Going through SECURITY at the airport

 A: Please place your bag on the conveyer belt. Use the bins for small objects such as your phone. Please also take of your shoes.

B: Okay, got it. Should I walk through now?.

A: Yes, please step through the scanner

B: All right

……….there’s something wrong

A: Please step back. Did you empty out all of your pockets?/ Can you check your pockets for any small objects?

B: Ah. I left my key in my pocket. I’ll take it out right away. Sorry about that.

A: No problem. Come on through. Have a nice flight!

Custom & Border Protection CBP

A: Your passport, please

B: Yes of course. Here you are

A: Where are you travelling from?

B: Jakarta, Indonesia.

A: And, what’s the purpose of your visit?

B: Business. I’m here for conference.

A: How long are you planning to stay here?

B: One week

A: And, where will you be staying?

B: I’m staying at the Belle hotel in King Cross.

A: Do you know anybody here? Do you have any friend or relative?

B: Yes. Mark Thompson.

A: Is he your family or friend?

B: He’s a colleague, and a friend.

A: Do you have his phone number?

B: Yes. 714 512 0040

A: Is it your first visit in the US?

B: Okay sir, enjoy your stay.