Each countries has its own unique characteristics and Vietnam is noexception. In recent years, Vietnam’s image has become more and more popular inthe international media and brought many positive imprints in the eyes of worldfriends. The following article will share with you about specialthings only available in Vietnam that you may not know.
Motorbikes are considered to be typical of Asian countries including Vietnam
Asian countries like Thailand, India, … motorcycles are the most popular means of transportation in Vietnam. Every family in Vietnam has on 1 to 2 motorcycles on average. The international tourists come to Vietnam, they are surprised with the flow of cars moving on streets daily. This is also a bit difficult for foreigners when they want to cross street in Vietnam.
Image: Motorbikes in VietNam

Balut egg, shrimp paste – The dish challenges the courage for foreign visitors.
In Vietnam as well as other countries in the region often enjoy this dish. Apart from a few people who cannot eat, most people consider it a delicious, popular and not scary food. However, foreigners who have never seen anyone eat or themselves have never eaten, then eating eggs is a challenge for them for the first time. On the contrary, some visitors commented that its taste is not bad, if you eat a few more times there should be no problem. So you can absolutely consider whether to enjoy this dish or not.
Image: Delicious Vietnamese food

Shrimp paste is a kind of sauce that is fermented from shrimp and salt. Through the fermentation process, it has a characteristic flavor and color. To foreigners, the taste of this dish is quite hard to smell. Some people have allergies when they smell it. However, there are also many foreign tourists really attracted by noodle with fried tofu & shrimp paste of Vietnam.
Football – The sport that connects all Vietnamese people.
Not long ago, in the Asian U23 Championship, when they heard that Vietnam was in the finals, many domestic fans came to the stadium to support the Vietnamese team. In Vietnam, a lot of people gathered at public projection screens very early to wait for the match to take place. Everyone wore shirts printed with the national flag of Vietnam as a great encouragement for the players. When Vietnam lost the championship in the final moments of the match, there were many people who shed tears in that moment. However, after that everyone was happy again. As with all previous victories, the Vietnamese people went all the way to celebrate together. They brought along the national flag and shouted the slogan “Vietnam champion” as a congratulation, compliment for the players for their efforts. Although not the champion of the tournament, Vietnam U23 team is the hero in the eyes of the Vietnamese people. Millions of people share a joy and thanks to football, people can come closer together.
Image: Football – The sport that connects all Vietnamese people

Terraced fields are a form of cultivation on sloping lands. Since ancient times, the life of Vietnamese people has been attached to wet rice cultivation. Because in the highlands and mountainous areas such as the Central Highlands, Northwest or the Midlands regions of Northern Vietnam, there is little flat land for cultivation, especially wet rice cultivation. Because of that, the farmers here have overcome by choosing hills and mountains with tarred soil to create flat soil. Then, depending on the intention to cultivate, it is possible to dry or lead water from the higher peaks. This form of farming developed to this day has created impressive “architectural works”.
Image: Terraced fields in VietNam

The color of these fields depends on the colors of the cultivated rice variety and its level of development. For example, young rice plants will have a green color or rice plants with yellow-ripe rice fields that show a region or brown soil of bare lands – where rice has just been harvested by farmers. . All of these colors are intertwined with natural but subtle colors that create a scene that captivates people by its beauty.
Silk is a typical fabric of Vietnam
Silk is a soft, smooth and light fabric that feels comfortable and cool when wearing. This is a type of fabric that many tourists choose to buy when traveling in Vietnam. There will be a few booths specializing in silk in Vietnamese markets. In order to choose a good silk, you should not go to the night market. Currently there are many reputable and quality store systems that you can consult to choose to buy the right genuine silk and also avoid buying fake products of poor quality.
Image: Silk is a typical fabric of Vietnam – Nhasilk