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    Nếu OX muốn học MBA hoặc Master trong nước mà muốn học từ xa hoặc qua mạng thì bảo đảm 100% là không có. Còn nếu muốn lấy bằng nước ngoài thì có khá nhiều, xin mời vào đây xem và lựa chọn: http://www.webtretho.com/forum/showthread.php?t=98783. OX cứ chịu khó đọc lần lượt từng trang để thấy rõ.

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    Thành viên tri kỷ 2016
    Em có biết một chương trình của AITC học MBA từ xa đó chị, để mai lên vp em lấy thông tin cho chị. Em cũng đang định tham gia chương trình này mà :Smiling:
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    Toàn bộ thông tin về khoá học MBA từ xa đây ạ:

    About American Heritage University

    Please be informed AHU has been officially list at the California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC) website at http://www.cpec.ca.gov/collegeguide/Institution.asp?id=E0872A&bhcp=1

    The Mission of our organization EDS Advance Academy Sdn Bhd is to focus on Transformation, Networking and Opportunities.

    Since 2002, we have trained more than 600 working adults, comprising business owners, directors, senior managers and executives from various industries both listed companies and private companies as well as NGO's in Malaysia , Vietnam and Philippines . A great majority of them have been promoted or have achieved greater advancement in their career and success in their business.

    Residential MBA program
    Participants from the following organizations in Vietnam have participated in our program and some of them have been sponsored by their organizations; among some of them are ; Dutch Lady Vietnam, Blue Scope Steel, Prudential, World Vision, Oxfam Quebec; Orbis; Dabur Oncology; French Beauty; Helvetas ; SmithGlaxo, Vinatrade; JP MorganChase,etc.

    Study Tours

    In conjunction with the residential MBA program, we have also incorporated and organized various study tours to enrich the learning experiences of all our local and foreign participants.
    Tuition Fees
    The standard international American Heritage MBA tuition fee in relation to the Residential MBA program is US$ 4700 (w.e.f. 1 April 2008), if you pay full upon registration.

    If you opt to pay by 2 instalments, then the tuition fees is USD 5,000.00.

    Kindly note that your tuition fee covers the following expenses:

    * Shuttle

    Shuttle of the MBA students to and from the Penang International Airport for attendance at the scheduled seminars.

    * Accomodation

    Arranging of accommodation of two students in a room (depending on room size) either in an Apartment or an appropriate 3 star Hotel, which covers the required 2 residential trips to Malaysia.

    The residential trip, to Penang, we will provide 8 days / 7 nights/trip
    Participants deciding to stay longer will bear the cost of their own continued accommodation and other expenses.

    * Food & Refreshments
    Students will be provided food and refreshments for lunch and tea break while attending the MBA seminar. (Participants are responsible for the costs of the remaining meals during the seminar programs.)

    * Study Visit

    EDS will organize a study visit to a global multi national company or a listed company in Malaysia based in Penang.
    * EDS International Welcoming Dinner

    EDS will organize a welcoming dinner for all international residential program students and participants at a famous steamboat and hotplate restaurant in Penang.

    *The above fee does NOT include:


    Students will have to purchase the recommended text books for each module, sourced by EDS.

    Cost of Flights

    Students bear their own flight costs from their destination to Penang International airport; via; MAS ; Vietnam Air ; Thai Airways or Air Asia ( note: Flights tickets from Air Asia can be considerably lower if the bookings are made earlier ).

    Convocation :

    Students who are graduating will have to pay their respective Convocation fees , air travel, accommodation and food costs while in Malaysia for attending the

    Attachments :

    Enclosed in the attached file for your kind reference, please find :

    i) The Application form for American Heritage with instructions.


    For further information contact:
    American Heritage University

    EDS Advance Academy Sdn Bhd
    You may view our EDS Residential activities at :

    EDS Blog TV :


    For all the 20 series EDS Video Clips, please visit the above webpage.
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