Casper thấy phần mềm này rất hay nên upload lên tặng các ông bố bà mẹ làm quà cho các bé thích vẽ :) Dưới đây là mô tả chức năng của Creative Painter bằng tiếng Anh:

Creative painter is designed for children who learn easily and enjoy painting on computer freely.

Creative painter is easy to learn and operate. In the mean while it contains a lot of magic drawing functions and funny music. Your Children must be happy to learn painting.

Here are some key features of "Creative Painter":

· Allows using paintbrush, pencil, marker pen, crayon pen, chalk pen, figures pen.

· Allow locating the desired pictures from cartoon warehouse.

· Allow designing your own opus collection.

· Allow saving to Microsoft BMP file format and printing opuses.

· Advance child exerting ideality and loving to draw pictures.

· Allow to add animated pictures.

· Allow listening music.

· Working with tablet like WACOM tablet.

Link download:

Key code: AlAPa7vUT0yNVVf8sII7